Monday, 12 March 2012

Now at WUWT: Astrologer refutes global warming from chlorofluorocarbons

It is always nice to see a real scientist from one of the hard sciences take on the pseudoscientific superstition of "global climate warming change".  Therefore, the post 'A view of climate “on the ground” from a reporter who was there at the beginning' on WUWT by distinguished astrologer Theodore White is a must read.  I quote:
But I digress – in short, when I wrote pieces on the climate, I refused to write on the theory that chlorofluorocarbons were the sole cause of worldwide warming because that had never been proved. Now, though there was evidence that the use of aerosols were clearly evident in the upper atmosphere; the data did not support that this was the cause of the fear-mongering on ozone holes which was all the rage in the climate community of the late 1980s and 1990s.
Follow the money pushing the ideological AGW lie. If one examines climate science funding from 1986 to 1996 and then from 1996 to the present – you may find some amazing numbers.
Incredible amounts – increasing yearly and wasted on every bigger and more expensive computers to run models. Careerists who cannot forecast seasonal weather were making things up (and began to alter weather data on purpose) while spending lavishly on computers pushing the AGW ideology – all at the public’s great expense.
Still, by 1989, the AGW science did not make sense to me in light that it would violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Which I remind everyone – remains in effect to this very day.

Anyhow, it did not seem to matter to Wirth’s office, Hansen, or the growing careerists at NCAR and NOAA; because whomever was pushing ‘man-made global warming’ on the United States, were also doing it at the international level too.

My view was that it was a conspiracy right from the start to bamboozle the world on the lie of anthropogenic global warming sandbagging much of the mainstream media, the markets and the educational system to not believe their own eyes and ears.

With such high-quality contributions, it is no wonder that Whats Up with Watts won the 2012 Weblog Award for Best Science or Technology Weblog.


  1. Endorphin Monkey12 March 2012 at 11:57

    What a relief! The 2nd Law of Thermodialysis is still in effect! I thought the Stalinist post-modernist revisionists had repealed it!! BTW here's the recently discovered 7th Law of Thermodianetics: "If you apply extreme heat to a donut, subjecting it to complete thermal combustion until all that remains is a non-combustible ash residue, you have wasted a perfectly good donut."

    But our tactics on the side of Reason in our crusade against climate fear-monkeying are rubbish! Why are we arguing about climate science data collection and research analysis when it's OBVIOUSLY all a giant hokes!! It's a waste of time because it's all fabrikated FAKE science. It's like arguing about the lead characters in a Ayn Rand novel. They're not real and unfortunately will never take over the world's economy!!

    We have to focus on the HOKES. We don't need our scientists to review their "science". We need accountants to follow their money trail, like tracking a tasty wild animal through the forest, before killing it and turning it into pizza toppings.

  2. Oh, what a breath of fragrant, crisp, C02-rich Kentish air to hear these wonderful words!

    What is even more wonderful is that distinguished MIT Professor Richard Lindzen-- Sancho Panza to my peerless Peer-- bravely rides his little donkey into the fray, laying waste left and right to the Communist skydragons. See and hear how he opens the field for ozone to win the day!

    If C02 caused warming, how could human production of C02 be catastrophic, when nature produces what, 32 times as much as human beings; 97% of C02 in the world is naturally produced.

    Well, yeah, you’re, you’re addressing the issue of how can one regard something essential to life as a pollutant, and, uh, I don’t know the answer to that, it seems absurd but on the other hand you can get many people to sign on to government control of uh, dihydrogen oxide, ah because they don’t know it’s water.

    That’s it. I mean just taking the maths of it, I mean you’re, you’re an eminent scientist; is it true that the proportion of the Earth’s annual production of C02 is about 3% produced by human beings and 97% roughly produced by nature?

    Well that’s correct, that’s correct; the (talkover) argument often is presented that the natural part is in balance and our contribution is imbalancing, unbalancing the system and so that’s leading to a rise. Uh, that’s an arguably possible situation but in point of fact there’s limited evidence of that and the merest uh misunderstanding of the 97% could easily overbalance man’s contribution but to be honest that is not an issue that is known at present and I would argue it’s not even the central issue.

    Could it possibly be more simple? No, no, a thousand times no! Dr. Lindzen and his colleagues have been searching desperately for the missing link that might be driven finally once and for all into the coffin that will be lowered into the dark, dank sepulcher emblazoned "Here lies the the Great Global Warming Communist Bureaucratic Wealth Redistributing Eco Scam."

    Rejoice the day when White and Lindzen became as one, joined arms and slew once and for all the spectral dragon of confiscation and confusion!

  3. Well, there is nothing news here. Everybody who has been following the evilution hoax knows that "sceince" is not objective. Today's "sceince" has an anti-truth agenda! And now it appears we know already since 1989 that "global" "warming" is against the Law! And if it's against the Law, those who propose AGW should be punished! I think it's also not a coincidence that 1989 is the year that communism collapsed. It would seem some communists just cannot admit they were wrong and are trying to restore the communist "world" "order" under the veil of "global" "warming"!

  4. Why even argue with the warmists? Everyone knows they are snobs.

  5. ...and GLACIAL MELTING is proof of Fudd's First Law of Opposition: "If you push something hard enough it will fall over. "

  6. You quote LINDZEN? Didn't you read what the visionary White WROTE???? The entire scam of CAGW goes against the 2nd law of thermodynamics!! This has been pointed out for YEARS by clear thinking Patriots. I have even read papers FULL of mathematical symbols proving this beyond a doubt. The papers said so in the conclusion. But does LINDZEN acknowledge this "settled science"? POSH. He says with a few telltale "uhs" to show his slavish subjugation to the entrenched Bildenburg elites, I repeat he SAYS "Uh, that’s an arguably possible situation" and then he talks about balance. THE LSM ALWAYS talks about balance when they want to confuse the issue so that the obvious truth will continue to be hidden. Lindzen and his lapdog Spencer, who has the gall to tell people not to even MENTION the 2nd law of thermodynamics (2ndlotd for short) both act embarrassed when confronted with this issue.
    And if you need more proof that they are probably moles set to undermine our great movement to free americans and those other forms of marginal humanity that live in the rest of the world from....sorry I got lost there, but you know what I mean. BOTH have apologized for mistakes. And we KNOW science is never wrong, because capitalism is perfect, and science MUST prove it so they must both be set up to falsely admit to CAGW sometime in the future.
    We must expose them now so that does not happen. Another proof. Have either Lindzen or Spencer EVER even mentioned the daily occurrence of our poisoning by chemtrails and their effects on the climate.? Well have they? Why aren't any of you answering? Well?

    My point being we must put our faith and effort behind White and those like him who will NEVER admit they are wrong, no matter what the brainwashed, sniveling cowardly (but not greedy, that is a good thing) "scientists" say.

  7. What is amazing is that some of the comments above are that dumb and the total lack of denial about what Theodore White wrote - which is true. White spoke the truth on facts about the 2nd law of thermodynamics. This is a guy who forecasts and is accurate. I believe White more than the AGW babies who are the 'deniers' to the truth.

    1. Yes, let White speak for himself!

      Astrological Outlook
      March 2012

      Forecast by Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S

      The next six months, from March to August 2012 feature the world entering the second phase of the Cardinal Crisis transits. Much of 2012 by mid-May reveals inclinations that are mainly unfavorable.

      There are distortions and confusion over the right direction in society with deterioration of the broader economic and social climates worldwide during a time of major generational transition.

      The Jupiter-Saturn opposition that defines the second decade of the 21st century depicts individuals, groups, organizations and populations in transition, as one generational establishment leaves while another enters.

      General elections, popular hue-and-cries, economic crisis along with geopolitical changes and social stresses will combine into a fiery mix of discontent, confusion and unfavorable reactions during 2012.

      The months of May, June and July 2012 are hectic months worldwide. Positive activity in March and April will help to lighten the load through the months of May, June and July.

      Setting a balanced tone early helps others to clear away the static and barriers by focusing early on objectives and practical goals.

      Last year, I forecast that an earlier than normal spring will be on tap in 2012. Expect springlike temperatures in northern hemisphere with signs of what will be an early and warmer than average year ahead.

      Plain as the nose on your face, I call it. Springlike temperatures in March; White is a true savant!

  8. The King of Puns21 March 2012 at 02:08

    Looks like this singer wants the warmists all singing from the same hymn sheet.

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